My creation process involves the application of multiple techniques such as handbuilding, molding, cuting,  firing transformation, surface treatment and assembly of the matter under diverse mineral forms. Clays, metals and stones are the principal materials  I use to compose my artworks.

Principales techniques applied

work in progress 2 may 2016michelleautour


L'Oeuvre sculpturale en bas-relief intitulée « Arborescence» en cours de réalisation

L’Oeuvre sculpturale en bas-relief intitulée « Arborescence» en cours de réalisation

Handbuilding: kneading, throwing, altering, modeling, imprinting, pressing.

tirage en cire et moule de ma sculpture en argileImprint taking and making of press molds, reproduction molds and casting molds in plaster, in resin, in elastomer and in refractory ceramic shell.

enfournement cuisson biscuitFiring : bisque firing of the clay at 1850 degrees in oxidation, glaze firing of the ceramic in oxidation at 2300 degrees, third firing of the lusters in oxidation.

Lost wax bronze art foundry: wax modeling, casting and building of the sprue systems, investing, building of a ceramic shell, wax burn out, metal melting and casting, bronze devesting and chasing.

lost wax casting small pieces

Lost wax micro foundry and precious metal casting :wax modeling and injection, placing and welding of the sprues and mounting of the wax casting tree, plaster investing, burning out of the refractory casting flask, melting and vaccum assisted casting of the precious metals.

tasse denise frénette 1187

Surface treatments and decoration: glaze development, brush painting and superposition, glazing by aspersion, sanding and polishing, engraving, développement  of hot patinas in the live fire and withe the torch , development of cold patinas with china ink.

Cutting : metal sawing, filing and percing, stone cutting.

Assembling : assembling of raw clay components, metal torch soldering and mig welding, bezel setting, insertion, tacking and mounting.

Principal mediums used:

Clays :  porcelain and stoneware

Metals: silver, gold, bronze, steel

Minerals: silica,  iron, copper, cobalt, manganese, zinc, rutile, bore, calcium etc.

Stones : Fossilized sedimentary stone from the Nicolet River, granite, red jasper, lapis lazuli, onyx, turquoise, labradorite, pearls etc.