Custom cremation urns


You are planning your own funeral or wish to pay tribute to a love one? At Atelier Galerie d’art Solart, we create custom personalized cremation urns ( lidded container intended for the preservation of ashes of the deceased further to the cremation). We hand model, lost wax cast and brush paint unique high fired art pieces to reflect your or your loves one image.

Contact us directly to share and discuss your wishes (symbolic representation, engravings, sculptures, writings, textures, colours, reflection of a passion or a personality). Together, in serenity, we will realize your project  .

To choose and purchase an art urn currently available in our gallery we invite you to consult the urns section of our online gallery or to contact us directly to schedule an appointment to visit our art gallery and it will be an honour for us to assist you.

To custom order an art urn for your self or a love one, contact us directly by phone or email.

urne arborescence

May this urn entitled «Arboressence» be for you a  haven of peace and serenity, a temple of ressourcement at the heart of the matter. May the receptivity and the fecundity of it egg shape body allow you to gather and fructify the memories of this passage on earth. May it pedestal rise you towards the light an free your soul from its terrestrial attachments. May its ornamentation conveying the essence of the tree, symbol of regeneration, guides you through the cycles of rebirth of life and leads you towards universal harmony.